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2021 Resource Videos

Watch video resources from our most recent Twin Cities Startup Week event!

How the State Supports Startups

Presented by Jeff Nelson, Sarah M Miller, Nila Gouldin, Drew Lindorfer, Chinwe Ngwu / DEED, Neela Mollgaard / Launch Minnesota

Negotiating Collaborative Agreements with Large Companies: What to Expect

Presented by Ann Ladd, Jeffery Steinle / Fredrickson & Byron, Rhona Schwaid, Aleida Conners / Medtronic

Find Out if You've Outgrown Your Friend or Freelancer

Presented by Geri Huibregtse, Tom Ferrara / Apiary

Why Visual Planning for Your Instagram Feed Matters

Presented by Erica Thompson, DK Tong / soona

Be the Change: Youth Workforce Development through Social Entrepreneurship

Presented by Eric Ortiz / Charles Caine / Marsha Magdalene


Do Well by Doing Good: Making a Positive Impact in EdTech

Presented by Ryan Hagedorn / Mondo Davison / Andy Frost / Dan Pickens / Mark Jansen


The Art of Tech: Unlocking Creative Possibilities

Presented by Rukia Sheikh-Mohamed / soona

Too Many Children Left Behind: Improving Equity in Education through Innovation

Presented by Maria Burns Ortiz / Shanita Young / Dr. Michael Wulf


OnRamp Education & Workforce Innovation Accelerator Premiere

Presented by Eddie Olson / YaaJoy Engel / Josh Slayton / Joseph Watt / Ruben Arias / Mohannad Arbaji / Matt Wilkerson / Darlena Kelly / Ruchir Shah


Getting Technical About the Challenges of Ensuring Everyone Has Access to STEM Programming

Presented by Erica Prairie / Jade Denson / Andrea Wilson Vazquez

EdTech Startup Guide published by AWS

Presented by Mike Baur

Health Law 101: Key Legal Issues for Health Care Startups and Investors

Presented by Marguerite Ahmann, Ryan Johnson / Fredrickson & Byron

Doing More of the Right Things Faster

Presented by Natty Zola / Matchstick Ventures

Using Goal Setting & Metrics to Grow Faster

Presented by Natty Zola, Ryan Broshar / Matchstick Ventures

Science Behind Testimonial Marketing

Presented by Arttu Haho / Trustmary

Reimagining Our Cities in the Post-Pandemic World

Presented by Abimbola Asojo / Tom Fisher / Virajita Singh

Transforming Livability and Equity Through Technology

Presented by Tom Fisher / Sabina Saksena / Will Preble / Tayo Daniel / Ben Wallace / P J Hill / Bernadine Joselyn / Diane Rucker

Digital Equity - The Next Great Equalizer

Presented by Gloria Jeff / Andrea Wood / PJ Hill / Richard Graves / Tyler Milligan / Will Preble

Tackling the Affordable Housing Crisis Through a New Investment Strategy

Presented by Warren Hanson / PJ Hill / Tim Marx / Sarah Harris / Shannon O'Leary

The Re-emergence of Place-based Entrepreneurship

Presented by Dan Collision / Jackson Schwartz / Paul Bauknight / George Shannon / Tom Fisher

Investing in Our Collective Futures!

Presented by Kristin White / Mary MacCarthy / Bernadine Joselyn / Lily Shaw / Susan Hammel / Justin Grammens / Marc Majors / Mary Rick

Bringing the Future Forward, Fast!

Presented by Mayor Jacob Frey / Mayor Melvin Carter / Sabina Saksena

What's your Blueprint for becoming Future Ready?

Presented by John Paul Farmer / Steve Grove / Sabina Saksena

Change Can’t Happen in Isolation: Convergence of the Sustainable Development Goals

Presented by Mark Ritchie / Global Minnesota, Lori Most / Binary Bridge, Duza Baba / Baba Consulting, Max Bock-Aronson / Breathe99

How to Scale Tech Marketing with Purpose

Presented by Kelsey Quickstad / Hotwire, Joresa Blount / GoFlyy, Jay Hirschton / Full Circle Fund, Vanessa Villaverde / Menther


Marketing Basics for the Non Marketer

Presented by Ben Marcovitch / Minneapolis Business Mentors


11 Clues Your Project Might Be In Trouble

Presented by Chip Pedersen / Modern Logic


Breaking Into Tech Panel Discussion

Presented by Ayaan Dahir / Software For Good, Peter Dang / Ivanti, Roxanne Klemm / Best Buy, Awren Nuit / Media Junction, Jayden Thunberg / Dispatch


How To Design & Deliver an Elevator Speech

Presented by Bryan Sykora / Minneapolis Business Mentors


PLAY Your Way to a Profitable Holiday Pre-Sale Campaign

Presented by Bob Sparkins, Jeanette Dorazio, Madeline Blasberg / Leadpages

Coffee & Closers: How to Land your Next 3 Customers

Presented by Mickeli Bedore / Closers Media, Tim Bornholdt / The Jed Mahonis Group, Dick Polipnick / Online Growth System

Crowdfunding: What You Should Know Before You Start

Presented by Connie Rutledge / Finnovation Lab, Jeremy Kalin / Avisen Legal, Matthew Messerli / University of Minnesota Law School

Demystifying Market Research

Presented by La Juana Whitmore / La Juana Whitmore Consulting

Get More Clients with Sales Funnel Automation

Presented by Dianne Shelton / Passion Breakthrough

Launching and Sustaining your Nonprofit Organization

Presented by David Rhode / Dot Dot Org

Location, Privacy, and Craft Breweries

Presented by Eric Dorphy / Twin Cities App Dev LLC

The Crucial Capability Every Entrepreneur Must Develop

Presented by Dennis Stauffer / Innovation Mindset

Beyond the Core - The Magic of Product Ecosystems

Presented by Gokul Muralidharan / Field Nation LLC

Growing your startup with Open Scout and AWS University Scout Program

Presented by JJ Foster, Jagmehr Madan / Atland Ventures, Gabriel Matre, Brihu Sundararaman / OpenScout & AWS

Future of Venture with Atland Ventures

Presented by JJ Foster, Jagmehr Madan, Kiley Geibel / Atland Ventures, Sasidhar Vankina / Anthos Capital, Aneesh Dhawan / Knit

How to Wake Up Your B2B Content

Presented by Liz Giorgi / soona

What’s Changed? Adjusting to Customer Needs in the New Normal

Presented by Jim Handy / Minneapolis Business Mentors

Program Related Investments (PRIs) in Healthcare

Presented by Jeff Ochs / Venn Foundation, Erica Barnes / Chloe Barnes Advisory Council, Kenna Dooley / Children's Cancer Research Fund, Chris Ghere / University of Minnesota

Building & Scaling Your Community

Presented by Jenna Pederson, Mark Birch / AWS

Restaurant Tech For The Win and For The Future

Presented by Jonathan Banks / NCXT

Using No Code Tools to Launch Faster, Save Money, and Streamline Your Startup

Presented by Kyle Simmons / No Code Collab

Taking the First Step with Tech

Presented by Liz Tupper / Software for Good, Eri O'Diah / SIID Technologies, Cory Powell / IPondr, Judd Grutman / Vonzella, Inc., Silvia Onteneda / Trade Center of the Americas

Don’t Have a Plan, Build a Strategy: How to Recognize and Prioritize Marketing Opportunities

Presented by Lindsay LaShell / Diamond + Branch

Tips For Hiring Developers and Designers in 2021

Presented by Matt Decuir / Invisible Network, Jen Williams / mohio XD

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile: Real World Lessons Learned

Presented by Mike Trewartha / Parsyl

How Experimentation in a Consumer Business Improves Both Business and Customer Outcomes

Presented by Andrew Schneider, Bridgette Haymaker / OurFamilyWizard

Bookkeeping Basics

Presented by Rebecca Foley / Phoenix Growth Systems

Non-Dilutive Federal Funding for Novel Early Stage R&D Projects

Presented by Pat Dillon / Minnesota SBIR/STTR Accelerator

Fundraising AMA w/ VC

Presented by Ryan Broshar, Natty Zola / Matchstick Venture

Double Your Sales: How to Build a Growth Roadmap that Works

Presented by Paul Richardson / Minneapolis Business Mentors

Among Us: Imposter Syndrome

Presented by Ryan Pederson / Modern Logic

Leverage Your Success

Presented by Tamara Torres / Optima Results Coaching

Building Back Local Economies: What Small Means - Twin Cities Startup Week Session from Coimatan

Presented by Vasiliki Papanikolopoulos / Coimatan

A Sustainable Future & Business Impact - Twin Cities Startup Week Session from Coimatan

Presented by Vasiliki Papanikolopoulos / Coimatan

Your Body's Energies: A Missing Piece in Your Wellness Toolkit? (and why it's not all "woo-woo")

Presented by Therese Naber / All Being Energy LLC

Startup Success For Non Technical Founders

Presented by Zach Steven / Cloudburst SBC

Business Essentials for Startups

Presented by Dominick Grande / Fredrickson & Byron, Brett Howells, Abby Bishop / Choice Bank, Derek Leupke / Choice Insurance, John Nelson / Eide Bailly LLP, Loraloo Wick / Salo, Daivd Russick / Gopher Angels, Justin Balfany / TriNet


Preparing Your Startup For Fundraising

Presented by Patrice Kloss / Pam York / Kathrun Dehn / Josh Slayton

Early EdTech Founders Panel

Presented by Teresa Marchek / Jessica Thompson / Josh Thelemann / Chris Nelson

Managing Fast-paced Growth for Emerging EdTech Companies

Presented by Eli Maloley / Peter Bohacek / Carlos Seoane / Jenni Severson

2020 Resource Videos

Watch video resources from the 2020 Twin Cities Startup Week event.

Generating Sales Via Your Website

Presented by Kitty Hart, Ava McFarlane / Denamico

The Future of SEO and How to Win

Presented by Kelsey Gernert / HubSpot

Trust Equity Harnessing the Power of Trust to Fuel Early Stage Growth

Presented by Jennifer Zick / Authentic Brand

5 Things That Every Startup Should Know

Presented by Aledia Conners, Noah Huisman, Courtney Thompson, David Winkler / Fredrikson & Byron

Become Minority-Owned Certified Suppliers

Presented by Michael Alexander / Target Corporation, Karen Goldner / WBDC, Karen Tobler / Target, Heather Olson, NCMSDC

Breaking Through in 2020 Using Growth for a Brand

Kelsey Quickstad / Hotwire, Aneela Idnani / HabitAware, Stephanie Rich, Christine Hall / Crunchbase News, Maddy Kennedy / Twin Cities Journalist

Fundraising During COVID 19

Presented by Ryan Broshar / Matchstick Ventures, Rober Weber / Great Northern Labs, Mary Grove / Bread & Butter Ventures, Andrew Felbinger / Urban Innovation Fund

Creating a Diverse Culture on Day One

Presented by Tonya Jackman Hampton / Sequel Consulting Group, Mary MacCarthy / University of Minnesota

Equity Investing

Presented by Clarence Bethea / Upsie, Frank Medrano / JP Morgan

Cocktails and Closers

Presented by Garrio Harrison, Mickeli Bedore /  Closers Media, Jennifer Zick / Authentic Brand

The Real Pitch MN

Presented by Brett Brohl, Mary Grove / Bread & Butter Ventures

MN DEED Support Startups

Presented by Neela Mollgaard / Launch Minneosta - MN DEED, Jeff Nelson / Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development, Drew Lindorfer / MN DEED, Laurence Reszetar / DEED/MTO, Nila Gouldin / MN DEED, Bruce Strong / Minnesota SBDC, Chinwe Ngwu / DEED, John Shoffner / State of Minnesota DEED, Charles Schaffer / Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development

Stories from EdTech Founders

Presented by Vikas Mehrotra, Elizabeth Orme
Eric Nelson / Avatar, Sabina Saksena / Cytilife

Values, Culture, and Work Ethic: The Journey to Today's Best Buy

Presented by Dick Schulze / Best Buy & Grace Northamer / BetaMN

Worrell Service Design Principles and Innovation for Healthcare Healthcare Track

Presented by Worrell Design

FemTech Healthcare Track

Presented by Arfa Rehman / Chorus Health, Ridhi Tariyal, Amy Beckley / MFB Fertility Inc, Anne Kitchen / Target

How Youth Entrepreneurs are Building the Hospitals of the Future Healthcare Track

Presented by: Mark Ritchie / Global Minnesota, Jess Artiles, Jennifer Bonine, Dr. Les Wold, Bjorn Anderson, Lauren Anderson /A Scientist,  Writer, & Educator

Yoga with The Firm Healthcare Track

Presented by The Firm

JPMorgan and Medical Alley Healthcare Track

Presented by Michael Gietl / J.P. Morgan’s Life Sciences banking team, Shaye Mandle /The Medical Alley Association

Medinas Health & Precursor Ventures Healthcare Track

Presented by Charles Hudson / Precurser Ventures, Chloe Alpert / Medinas

Yes, It's Possible To Make Money With Original Content

Presented by Rick Ellis /

Using Cloud Providers to Achieve HIPAA Compliance

Presented by Jacob Beasley, Jason Woodman, and Rebecca Saunders / Intelletive Consulting

The How and Why of Designing Connectivity into Your Start up

Presented by William Betten / MedTech

Pandemic parenting strategies for families

Presented by Stephanie Peters / WellRoo

Non-Dilutive Federal Research Funding for Technology Commercialization

Presented by Pat Dillon

Kendall Qualls: From Harlem to Healthcare

Presented by Kendall Qualls / PotentiaMetrics, Thomas Knecht 

Keeping the Fire Alive: Find Balance and Prevent Burnout

Presented by Paul Johnson / Proactivism

IP Secrets to Supercharge Your Startup

Presented by Eduardo Drake

The Art of Holding People Accountable

Presented by Ellen Stoehr

How To Create Breakthrough Connections for Team Performance

Presented by Eduardo Drake

Working with Corporates What Startups Should Know

Presented by Brett Bohl / Bread and Butter Ventures, Meredith Englund, Dominique Harris

25 Digital leaders interviewed in 25 minutes

Presented by Mike Bollinger & Nels Pederson / Livefront

Innovative Solutions Across the Impact Venture Sector: A Conversation with the Founders

Presented by: Lee Wallace / Peace Coffee, Bella Lam / Coconut Whisk, Tom Thompson / Revol Greens, Sarah Pritzker / Pritzker Strategy Group & Atlas Provisions, Sue Marshall / NETZRO, SBC

Food Justice: Playing for Plants with Youth Farm

Presented by Marcus Kar & Jonathan Banks / NCXT

Millennial Farmer

Presented by Millennial Farmer

From Concept To Company in Food and Agriculture

Presented by Sam Eder / Big Wheelbarrow, Leena Pradhan-Nabzdyk, Sue Marshall / NETZRO, SBC, Stephanie Rich / Bread and Butter Ventures, Nhat Nguyen

Workplace Inclusion - The Time is Now!

Presented by Nicole Rabinowitz / Inclusive Networking, Tasya Kelen, Abby Pearson / Isadore Nut Co, Ajani Lewis / Allianz North America

Too Good To Waste

Presented by Sue Marshall & Garrick Villaume / NETZRO, SBC  

The Power of Rural Innovation through Collaboration

Presented by Stacy Nimmo / Red Wing Ignite, Shannan Harris. / Red Wing Ignite, Pam Bishop / Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation, Sam Ziegler / GreenSeam, Jack Kilian / Poultry Patrol, Chris Lukenbill / Shrpa, and Jamie Sundsbak / Collider

Spilling the early VC tea: the secret to getting your check

Presented by Liz Giorgi / soona & Adam Burrows / Range Ventures

SBA funding & resources for new ventures: How SBA can help you start, grow and recover

Presented by Michael Waldegerma & Sarah Carroll / U.S. Small Business Administration, Minnesota District Office

Making Change STICK: Straightforward Advice to Enable You

Presented by Erin Mies  & Kristen Ireland / People Spark Consulting

Legal FAQ for Start ups

Presented by Jamie Hurewitz / GitLab

Answers to 10 of the Biggest Employment Law Questions

Presented by Jessica Bradley & Emily McNee / Littler

Bitcoin, not Blockchain

Presented by Brandon Quittem / Swan Bitcoin

Financing your Startup

Presented by Robert Keeley / CLA, Rob Weber / Great North Labs, Sue Marshall / NETZRO, SBC, Cody Anderson / Carta

Diversity in Venture Capital & Entrepreneurship

Presented by Josh Schaub / Gutwein Law, Mike Asem / M25, Katie Birge, Kelli Jones / Sixty8 Capital, Meghan Sharkus / ExpressionMed

How St. Paul's Restaurants Found Resiliency

Presented by Jonathan Banks, Jeff Aguy, Khalique Rogers / NCXT, Matt Zanetti, Mary Rick / City of St. Paul, Sharon Richards-Noel / West Indies Soul Food INC, Rico Thomas, Choua Xiong,  John Gleason / Bap and Chicken

Funding Your Start Up Beyond VCs, Angels, and Accelerators

Presented by Sheryl Carlson, Megan Effertz, Michael Berling / Village Bank

A Fireside Chat with the Founders of H2Ok Innovations

Presented by Eric Flanagan / Cargill, & Annie and David Lu / H20k Innovations

Benefits of Certification

Presented by Umar Ahmed / Twiggy Fresh, Abdi Rahman Kahin / Afro Deli & Grill, Hilal Ibraham, Fartun Hussein, Salman Elmi, Elaine Rasmussen, Michelle Maryns / We Sparkle Co.

A Primer on the Three Pillars: What does Sustainability Mean?

Presented by Ted Carling / Ecotone Analytics & Ashleyn Przedwiecki / Social Enterprise - MSP

ImpactSKU Showcase

Presented by Kirstin Ross / SKU, Connie Rutledge / FINNOVATION Lab, Bella Lam / Coconut Whisk, Myles Olson, Gina Davis / Dog Threads, Michael Mader, Sam Harper, John Waller, Jessica Waller / Humble Nut Butter, KC Kye, Darcy Olson, Jillian McGary / Mostly Made, Ameeta, and Umar Ahmed / Twiggy Fresh

Sustainable Development

Presented by Sam Ruben / Mighty Buildings, Julia Eagles / Institute for Market Transformation, Sam Rockwell / Move Minnesota, Nina Axelson / Ever-Green Energy,McKenzie Erickson / BETA (Contractor)

SEO For Startups Get In The Game

Presented by Alison Cromie / Cromie Creative Consultants

Minnestar Presents Lightning Talks

Presented by Brandon Johnson / Left Blank Co. & Daniel Feldman / HPE

The Future of Solar Energy and Battery Storage

Presented by Eric Pasi / Impact Power Solutions, Sohan Das / EVS, Adam Iliff, Julian Ryba White / Nokomis Energy, Casey Shultz / Beta.MN

Powering Through Pivot: How Sustainable Food Company, SOULMUCH, Navigated Uncertainty and Stayed True to Their Mission

Presented by Courtney Ready / Target, Reyanne Mustafa, Kristian Krugman / SOULMUCH

Moment of Zen

Moment of Zen

AI & The Black Experience

Presented by Alton Glass / GRX Immersive & Elizabeth M. Adams / Stanford University

Unlocking New Revenue for Social Innovation

Presented by Sara Gibson  & Tom Bartlett / 20 Degrees

Values-based Entrepreneurship

Presented by Ruth Hamberg / Squaretree LLC

Unconscious Bias Nip It in the Bud

Presented by Mala Thao  & Mark Hiemenz / Wiser Paths

Kickstart your service-based business that makes a difference

Presented by Stephanie Malon-Rufi / Genuine Impact & Traci Warnberg-Lemm / Social Motion

Innovation to Execution: Turning your ideas into a plan!

Presented by Lynn Hargreaves / Hargreaves Consulting

How to Profit from a Sustainable, Circular Economy

Presented by Natasha Gaffer / Forever Ware

Growing Engineering: From Startup to Market Leader

Presented by Scott Josephson / FMG Suite

Getting Your Startup Ready For Fundraising What You Need To Know

Presented by Patrice Kloss, Kathryn Dehn / Fox Rothschild LLP, & Lisa Crump / Cairn Ventures/Sofia Fund

TCSW Awards Opener

Presented by TCSW

TCSW Startup Awards Broadcast

Presented by TCSW

UnPub – Reimagining Education and Collaboration with a Purpose

Presented by Samuel Hoyt, Maceo Dunn / Aquarian Knowledge

Productivity with Hear:t Aligning Your Values

Presented by Tamara K Torres ND / Optima Results Coaching

Turning Passion into Purpose- Becoming Social Entrepreneurs

Presented by Joe Baz, Lauren Usher, Mfoniso Ekon / gener8tor

What to Expect from a Development Team

Presented by Andrew Rahn / Modern Logic

AMA with Jeopardy! College Championship Winner Nibir Sarma

Presented by Nibir Sarma / University of Minnesota & Kelly Buhl / Beta.MN

The Power and Potential of Intergenerational Leadership Team

Presented by Will Kitchen / Winona State University, Ajay Nair, N'Dri Diby, Darlene Polzin, Megan Geelan, Tom Gabriel, Stephany Beck, Susan Langer / Live Give Save, Margaret Bransford / St. Olaf College, Christine Beech / Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

The Entrepreneur's Data Privacy Primer

Presented by Adam Stone / Secure Digital Solutions, Inc.

The Empathy Challenge: Practice Recognizing Your Blind Spots

Presented by Liz Tupper / Software for Good

The AI First Mindset: How to Add, Leverage & Optimize AI

Presented by Jennifer Bonine, Aaron Briel, Andrew Birkholz, and Rick Faulise

Success Stories: Narrowing the Tech Skills Gap

Presented by Jade Denson / Minnesota Technology Association, Shafie Abshir / SUCCESS Computer Consulting, Kate Kirschner / CompTIA Tech Career Academy, Jillayne Berg / Center for Diagnostic Imaging, Muhamed Ibrahim / Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI), Tom Hawj / Tech Guru, Angela Curtis / Medtronic

Social Justice in a Digital World

Presented by Amir Berenjian & Tim Harris / REM5 Virtual Reality Laboratory

Scaling Through User Voice

Presented by Elizabeth Orme, Becky Vavrichek / Creatively Focused, Daryl Vavrichek / Edmentum, Sabina Saksena / Cytilife,  Nathan Strenge / Fielding International

Mentor Morning: Financing Scaling from Traction to IPO

Presented by Dave Neville / Infinity Robotics, Charlie Youakim / Sezzle Inc., Tyrre Burks / Player's Health, Lois Josefson / Greater Minnesota Development Services, Liz Giorgi / soona

Scaling Customer Success Through Growth

Presented by Karin Lucas / SPS Commerece, Justin Porter / Kipsu, Noah Dominik / SPS Commerce, Andis Kancans / Sezzle, Sue Woodard / Total Expert

Immersive Technology 101

Presented by Amir Berenjian & Meg Noakes / REM5 Virtual Reality Laboratory

Cómo Aprovechar la Inteligencia Emocional y la Atención Plena para Tener Relaciones Profesionales y personales Más Efectivas

Presented by Luis Moreno / TCBPN & Tamara K Torres ND / Optima Results Coaching

Fix It Fireside: Scaling Your Company and Thinking Big

Presented by Alex West Steinman / The Coven, Danielle Steer / Lunar Startups, Elizabeth Orme / Creatively Focused, Mondo Davison / Schoolz, Bella Lam / Coconut Whisk

Breaking Techs-pectations

Presented by Haley Vien / SayKid

Become a Technovation[MN] Mentor

Presented by Christina Llamas / Technovation[MN] & Tea Dejanovic / Perficient

Fireside Chats with African American Educators

Presented by Kwame Sarfo-Mensah / Identity Talk Consulting & Jonathan C. W. Jones / Ideation4

Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness for Personal and Professional Relationships

Presented by Luis Moreno / TCBPN, Tamara K Torres ND / Optima Results Coaching, Sylwia Borowy / NeWoman

Managing Global Tech Teams During a Pandemic

Presented by Jamie Thingelstad / SPS Commerce, Shivani Stumpf / Hoonuit, Amy Patton / SPS Commerce, Teddy Bekele / Land O'Lakes, and Jadee Hanson / Code42

OnRamp Education & Workforce Innovation Accelerator: Big Plans and Big Expectations

Presented by Troy Vosseller / gener8tor & Josh Slayton / ECMC Group

The Mn Afterschool Advance Story
Equity, Distribution, and Access for All Learners in a COVID-19 Landscape

Presented by Julie Carter / GreyED Solutions, Penny Pease / Mounds View Public Schools, Cory Klinge / Richfield Public Schools, Lisa deRoy / GreyEd Solutions, Anthony Padrnos / Osseo Area Schools (ISD279)

Developing Culturally Relevant Content to Improve Student Engagement

Presented by Mondo Davison / Schoolz, Dario Otero / Youth Lens 360 / Undemo/ Schoolz, Mychal Batson / Schoolz

Turning Passion into Purpose: Becoming Social Entrepreneurs

Presented by Joe Baz, Lauren Usher,  Mfoniso Ekong / gener8tor

Startup Grind: Launching a Sustainable Business Venture

Presented by Kim Lehult, Gregory Binsfield, and Sam Harper

How to incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals: Hosted by Impact Hub MSP

Presented by Mark Ritchie / Global Minnesota, Nikki Love / NDN Collective, Silvia Ontaneda / Trade Center of the Americas, Miki Huntington / Miki Huntington Coaching & Consulting, Terri Barreiro / Impact Hub Mpls-St.Paul & Cogent Consulting PBC

Founders Panel Lessons in Growing Your Social Enterprise

Presented by Isaiah Goodman / MoneyVerbs, Emily Hunt Turner / All Square, Lori Most / Binary Bridge / BackpackEMR, Timothy Roman / Ecotone Analytics GBC

Disrupting the Status Quo in Your Organization and Community

Presented by Dave Mathias / Beyond the Data & Sarita Parikh / Jomanity

Climate Tech Meet & Greet & Show & Tell

Presented by Joe Strommen

Building a B Corp: A Panel Discussion

Presented by Sarita Parikh / Jomanity, Christopher Marquis / Cornell University, Alejandro Fenn / Jukko, Lee Wallace / Peace Coffee

A Gay Jew, A Black Man & A White Mom Walk into a Boardroom

Presented by Judd Grutman / Vonzella, Julie Kucinski / Pitchwell, Brad Wright

#CovidComeback - Business Accelerator for Digital Success

Presented by Michael Sophia / Prosper and Purpose

BETA's & Matchstick's Commitment to Diversity

Presented by Clarence Bethea / Upsie, Ryan Broshar / Matchstick Ventures, Reed Robinson / Groove Capital

Building a Social Impact Business: Lessons Learned from 4 Early-Stage Founders

Presented by Katrina Becker / FINNOVATION Lab, Judd Grutman / Vonzella, Alysha Price, Junita Flowers / Junita's Jar, Michelle Maryns / We Sparkle Co.

Crash Course on Hiring Developers

Presented by Matt Decuir / The Invisible Network & Eryn O'Neil

The Art of Tech: Unlocking Creative Possibilities

Presented by Rukia Sheikh-Mohamed and James Tucker / soona

Video Craft for Tech - Investing, Sales, Support & Marketing

Presented by Gabe Skelly / Skelly Video

You Will Probably Survive This

Presented by Patrick Swinnea / PuzzleFox Interactive, Dev Jana

Prep the Brand, Prep the Person The 1 2 Punch of Successful Marketing

Presented by Maria Hileman, Giselle Ugarte / Media Bridge Advertising, Nancy Korsah/ Black Business Enterprises

Using Data Visualization to Tell Your Story & Grow Business

Presented by Arlene Birt / Background Stories, Ted Carling / Ecotone Analytics

The Power of Storytelling through Video

Presented by Eric Jenson / Jenson Studios

TCSW Virtual Career Fair Kickoff

Presented by Philip Xiao, Monique Covington / Homi, and Eve Poeschl

Supercharge Your Growth with Your Sales & Marketing System

Presented by Jeff Metz, Alise Riedel / Denamico

Social Enterprise Showcase Panel + Marketplace

Presented by Grant Henry / Brio Marketing, Connie Rutledge / FINNOVATION Lab, Stephanie Malon-Rufi / Genuine Impact, Ashleyn Przedwiecki / Social Enterprise, Jaime Chismar / All Are Welcome Here, Katie Kalkman /  Impact Hub MSP, Elaine Rasmussen, Junita Flowers /  Junita's Jar, Hayley Matthews-Jones / Minneapolis Craft Market, Michelle Maryns /  We Sparkle Co., Timothy Roman /  Ecotone Analytics GBC

Ready, Set, Go to market Launch strategies for founders

Presented by George Hadjiyanis / Launch Avenue

Launch Marketing for Purpose-Driven Founders How to Build the MVP of your Marketing Plan

Presented by Lindsay LaShell / Diamond + Branch

How as a Founder to get your first customers

Presented by Walter Pape / Go To Market Podcast

Keeping Sales Connected, Motivated and Closing

Presented by Chrissy Mathison /  SPS Commerce,Lisa Jilek / Open Systems Technologies, Dave Sandhoefner / Delaget, Robert Toatley, John Koski /  Thomson Reuters

Intro to Growth Hacking: The Idea Pipeline & ICE metrics

Presented by Brian Krohn / Modern Logic

Harness the Power of AI Improving Business Outcomes

Gary Stockert / Toovio, Yu YiDing Yu / Verata Health,  Mike Lewis / Click360, Brian Bradley Johnson / Ambient Intelligence,  Michael Weber  / Click360 Inc. 

Grow Better Aligning Data, Tech, and Processes

Presented by Emily Hulstein, Ava McFarlane / Denamico

Design your network Build your scrum

Presented by Cathy Paper / RockPaperStar,  Lori Spiess / OffiCenters,  Ben Theis / Skol Marketing

12 Crucial Do's and Don'ts for B2B Influencer Marketing

Presented by Tom Pick / Webbiquity LLC

Regenerative Ag and Equity in the Future of Food Production

Presented by Lisa French / Cheney Lake Watershed, Inc., Naima Dhore / Naima's Farm, LLC,  Margot Conover / General Mills, Stephanie Shekels / Ecotone Analytics, Suzan Erem / Sustainable Iowa Land Trust

How Students Add Value to Venture Capital: Atland Ventures

Presented by Patrick Zhao, Hunter Babcock, Jagmehr Madan / Atland Ventures

Development Stage Strategic Investments

Presented by Aleida Conners &  Jeff Steinle / Fredrikson & Byron,  Amash Tareen

Executive Compensation for Startups

Presented by Clayton Morris, Kaylin Klinger / J.P. Morgan

All Day Happy Hour: Is our health and productivity at risk?

Presented by Laurie Healy / Laurie Healy Consulting, Chris Aburime / Sober Theory, Jeffrey Sawyer / The Remedy

Founder Friendly Ways to GET STARTED and Get Funded

Presented by Zack Steven / Cloudburst

Bringing Healthcare Home through Connectivity

Presented by Lonny Stormo/ Pops, Anna Christenson / Nextern, Kathleen Tune / Odonata Health, Lydia Zeller / Kiio, Maryam Ziaei / iSono Health

Food Fights: entrepreneurs fighting COVID with science

Presented by Dr. Elizabeth Klodas MD, FACC / Step One Foods, Adam G. Southam / MyFormulary LLC, Marshall O'Brien / Chef Marshall O'Brien Group, Martha (Muffy) MacMillan / Cargill Inc.

How Healthcare is Using Impact Measurement to Promote Equity

Presented by Callie Chamberlain / optum, Joan Pennington / M Health Fairview, Timothy Roman / Ecotone Analytics GBC, Jokho Farah / Peoples Center Clinics & Services

Celebrating Minority Owned Businesses in Minnesota

Presented by Umar Ahmed / Twiggy Fresh, Abdi Rahman Kahin / Afro Deli & Grill, Hilal Ibraham, Fartun Hussein, Salman Elmi, Elaine Rasmussen, Michelle Maryns / We Sparkle Co.


Building a Company from the Inside Out

Presented by Ryan Broshar /  Matchstick Ventures

Successful Foundation Building For Accounting, Ops, and IT

Presented by Kevin Friend / FAW Analysis Business Consulting

VR and Immersive Technology in Education

Presented by Travis Hoium / REM5 Virtual Reality Laboratory

Visual Storytelling: The Hero’s Journey

Presented by Ange Wang

Find Your (Business) Story

Presented by Amber Ross / Freelance Writer and Editor

The Launch MN Network

Presented by Stacy Nimmo / Red Wing Ignite, Larry Hosch / Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation, Neela Mollgaard / Launch Minneosta - MN DEED, Dave Hengel / Greater Bemidji, John Stavig / University of Minnesota, Meg Steuer / GREATER MSP, Mike Hahn, Andy O'Leary

Program-Related Investments: A Capital Tool

Presented by Jann Eichlersmith / Venn Foundation, Jamie Glover,   Fatimah Hussein / ASIYA LLC

7 Principles for Startup Success

Presented by Ryan Broshar / Matchstick Ventures

Building Blocks for Creating Excellence and Advantage

Presented by Kjirsten Mickesh / ConnectHuman

DIY Office Space: How to Find It and Negotiate Like a Pro

Presented by Chris Rohrer,  Liz Rahn,  Pete Kostroski / Rokos Advisors

From Start Up to Still Standing: Building a Dream

Presented by John Sturgess / ADOGO Pet Hotels, Mollie Windmiller / LAB MPLS, Josh Fedie /, Gabriella Grant, Ben Spangler Bebe / Zito Ice Cream

Creating Small Teams that Kick A$$ and Take Names

Presented by Chip Pedersen / Modern Logic

Erasing the Female Entrepreneur Wage Gap

Presented by Susan Heinlein,  Jenny Niemela / Illume Decision Hub

I failed... now what?

Presented by Cihan Behlivan / BETA, Chris Aburime / Sober Theory, Mike Todaro, Colin Hirdman / Augurian

No Code Rodeo presented by Graveti and Cloudburst

Presented by Zack Steven / Cloudburst, Alex Rodriguez

Paving a Strategic ROADMAP: An effective business strategy

Presented by Andy Shafer / Shafer's Innovation and Business Building Services (SIBBS)

Productivity with Heart: Aligning your values

Presented by Tamara K Torres / ND Optima Results Coaching

Scaling Your MVP: What should your tech look like?

Presented by Tim Bornholdt / The Jed Mahonis Group, David Dalvey / Brightstone Venture Capital, Kate Evinger / gener8tor, Eric Martell / Pear Commerce

Scalable Operations: How structure can drive growth

Presented by Kelly Schaefbauer / Trellis Tools

Scaling Within: Expand Your Internal Capacity to Endure

Presented by Meredith Neumann / Scaling Within

Unleashing The Power of YOUR Idea

Presented by David Nguyen, Shelby Chollett, Anna Stoll &  Nick Tietz / ILT Academy

Uplifting Founders: Delegate to Elevate

Presented by Ethan Bull Stephanie Bull / ProAssisting

Supporting Founder Wellness and Mental Health

Presented by Jen Labanowski, Shelly Smith

Tales of the COVID 19 Pivot

Presented by Connie Rutledge / FINNOVATION Lab, Tane Danger / Danger Boat Productions, Emma Tuftin / Brio Marketing

The Startup Game Show

Presented by Sean Higgins / BetterYou, Nels Pederson / Livefront

Productivity with Heart: Aligning your values -- the Zoom version

Presented by Tamara K Torres ND / Optima Results Coaching

Why Every Startup Needs To Think Like A Lobbyist

Presented by Shawntera Hardy / Civic Eagle

Sharing the Greatness of MN - Minneavangelists

Presented by Ashlea Halpern & Andrew Parks / Minneavangelists

Thriving Arts Community

Presented by Kellen

The Music of Minneapolis-Saint Paul

Presented by Jaki

World Class Food Scene

Presented by Justin Sutherland

Regional Leadership in the Twin Cities

Presented by Steve Grove / State of Minnesota, Commissioner of Employment & Economic Development, Mary Grove / Bread and Butter Ventures

Equity in Entrepreneurship

Presented by Sal Elmi &  Abdi Hassan / E-Commerce Entrepreneur 

Peers and Community

Presented by Francene Nguyen / Sezzle

Passion and Purpose

Presented by Aneela Kumar / HabitAware

Corporate Innovation

Presented by Shailesh Bhor


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