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TCSW 2022 Resource Library

Explore all of the Main Stage and Virtual sessions from Twin Cities Startup Week 2022.




Hosted By Saint Paul and Minnesota Foundation

Join as Dr. Eric Jolly discusses how philanthropy works alongside the startup community to foster a healthy and thriving business ecosystem.

Hosted By Youth Lens 360

TCSW paired with Youth Lens 360 to shine the spotlight on just a small group of Fly-In Program participants. 

Hosted By HomSurfin

In this talk, I will discuss my personal journey going from being a comedian and filmmaker in New York City to working in startups and venture capital. You will hear why creatives are the future of tech, and why tech employers really need to take these candidates seriously.

Hosted By Stylamind, LLC

A clinically trained mental health therapist will walk you through some common interventions that are used for taming our 'inner critic,' so that you can begin to experience a greater sense of competence, resilience, and self-worth, from the inside out.

Hosted By Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation

Join us for a deep dive into the lifecycle of how philanthropic giving helps create the next generation of successful entrepreneurs.

Hosted By Creatively Focused

Come and learn about the Creatively Focused journey from consulting and professional services to EdTech and what the future holds for special educators!

Hosted By HubSpot for Startups

Join us for an honest, open conversation about the challenges and best practices inherent in scaling a culture of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging whether you are a startup or a unicorn. 

Hosted By The Coven
Hosted By Trustmary Join this short and sweet event and know-how reviews (social proof) can generate growth on different kinds of use cases and websites.
Hosted By Groove Capital

 We're going to talk about how to stand out, how to avoid mistakes in the fundraising process, and the nuance of the local investing landscape. If you're an angel investor, this session may also be helpful to you as you refine your own investing strategies.

Hosted By Amplify

Join Team Amplify and some of their past Featured Founders as they share successes and lessons learned over the past year.

Hosted By Optum

Have you ever wanted to pitch your idea to a Fortune 500 executive? Join this panel of leaders to help develop your pitch. 

Hosted By Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation

Join Casey Shultz, director of investor relations, and Danielle Steer, managing partner of Tundra Ventures as they discuss the lessons learned and tangible outcomes these dollars have in the community.

Hosted By Matchstick Ventures

Fundraising is hard, and the venture capital ecosystem can be opaque. But, we're here to shed light on what actually happens in VC and answer any of your questions. 

Hosted By Bread and Butter Ventures

Learn what's really going in an investor's head when they listen to a startup pitch! Five startups will pitch experienced investors from Bread and Butter Ventures. 

Hosted By Finovate

In this session, you’ll learn what to do, what not to do, and how to smoothly recover from those dreadful mistakes. Join us and learn how to be a pro from a pro.

Hosted By Ovative

Are you ready to raise the fuck*ng bar? Want to drive explosive growth in your organization? Hear from Dale Nitschke, CEO and Founder of Ovative Group, about growing from local start-up to a best-in-class national firm.

Hosted By B2B Clarity

Marketing is a powerful business competency, but it is difficult for even well-established businesses to do effectively. Startups can have a sustainable advantage at every stage of their growth with the right marketing mindset.

Hosted By Augeo

Join Augeo, a Twin Cities-based global leader in loyalty and engagement technology, as they introduce their recently launched crypto loyalty platform, Heaps, and discuss the transformational role that crypto and digital assets play in elevating customer and employee engagement. 

Hosted By Ovative

During this session, you will learn how Ovative is changing the measure of marketing success with EMR, what it is like to disrupt an industry, and how you can bring the growth mindset to your work!

Hosted By Esch Consulting, LLC

As a leader in your field, you get to communicate with a wide variety of people on so many levels every day. Some of the conversations you are required to have can be emotional and sometimes uncomfortable.

Hosted By Social Enterprise MSP and Ecotone

This event will explore the what and why of Impact Measurement to drive social change using business as a tool for good.


Join us as we take you through our Minnesota-made metaverse platform, SIMULACRA, and see for yourself the ways we've been utilizing it to bring people together, share ideas and solve business problems.

Hosted By Livefront

Launching a mobile app can help your business reach new customers and deepen your relationships with existing ones. In this session, we’ll share practical tips and strategies for navigating your organization’s first (or second or even third) foray into a mobile product launch.

Hosted By SayKid

DeLonn will share 10 lessons from personal stories about building a product that speaks for itself (literally) without raising venture capital. 

Hosted By SMITH Company

We will present the best-in-class sales and marketing strategies Fortune 500 companies employ and outline easy-to-implement tactics you can scale to your business no matter the size or service area.

Hosted By General Mills

Hear stories of creating irresistible consumer product offerings from a large company (General Mills) and from a startup (Coconut Whisk).

Hosted By LegalCORPS

A patent attorney will address what a patent is and how it protects your innovation; the process for obtaining a patent and the importance of protecting your intellectual property. 

Hosted By Modern Logic

Modern Logic will take you behind the scenes for this insightful conversation to see how you can ensure success with your next digital product.

Hosted By Optum

Join this panel discussion with Optum Technology and local startup leaders to learn how you can bring diversity and inclusion into technology innovation.

Hosted By STORJ Institute

Let's talk WEB 3 - Media - Entertainment

Hosted By Awesome People Leaders

Join us as we explore the lessons of TikTok and how these lessons can, and should, transform workplace learning.

Hosted By Optum

Learn different strategies that you can use to develop your company's DE&I culture and make your startup an employer of choice.

Hosted By Next Day Animations

Participants will leave feeling inspired to embrace the qualities and experiences that make them unique AND inspired to lead cultures that promote inclusion.

Hosted By BETA

Join us for a panel comprised of leading innovators, investors, inventors, founders, and ecosystem leaders to address building equity into the equation of an inclusive startup ecosystem for MN.

Hosted By TriNet

Join Kasey Devine, Regional Director at TriNet for truths and actionable takeaways on how to create a workplace where great people want to contribute their best and thrive.

Hosted By Quill & Cue

Hear from a panel of founders, PR professionals, and members of the media about the do's and don'ts of media outreach, including how to pitch your startup, hone your founder story, and spot potential opportunities.

Hosted By BETA
Hosted By Social Motion and Spark Good This workshop is geared for participants who feel overwhelmed with their ‘to-do’ list and want to prioritize important work and avoid burnout.
Hosted By Code Savvy

Participants will gain the important skills and best practices they will need in order to forge their own path into the rewarding world of entrepreneurship.

Hosted By SciTech Internship Program at MnTech

Learn how SciTech works and hear from other tech, biotech, engineering and manufacturing startups that have benefitted from this free resource on how to host a successful internship.

Hosted By Modern Logic

We will talk about how to communicate your vision to smooth the process between you, the developers, and project management in the tech company.

Hosted By Russell Marketing

In this session, you'll see why validation is the ultimate reality check so you can make better business decisions.

Hosted By Atland Ventures

This panelist will share their Gen Z perspective on a diverse set of sectors within the startup space with other students and investors, both locally and nationwide. 

Hosted By Foundry

We'll talk about different types of documentation and roadmaps, explore their purpose, approaches for creation, and the way that you can use roadmaps to align your team and build your business into the future.

Hosted By Further Faster

We lay the foundation for female founders to create their: Investor Data room, Pitch Deck, Pitch script, Targeted investor list & outreach tactics, and Actionable, timebound fundraising road map.

Hosted By CAMP

Let's chat about how cultural awareness can propel new ideas and growth within your organization.

Hosted By Further Faster

Whether it's a new idea finding early adopters, or a successful platform defining their next big feature, a product-market fit flywheel enables founders to find fit with minimal time, and effort.

Hosted By Prime Digital Academy

Hear from a panel of diverse employees, including members from the LGBTQA+ and BIPOC communities, on how to best hire, onboard, and retain tech talent in your organization. 

Hosted By Cloudburst SBC

There's so much information around scaling your startup, but what do you do when things aren't growing along that hockey stick curve you forecasted? In this honest, probably-TMI talk, Elyse Ash will share her own founder's journey. 

Hosted By IntelligentRx

We will outline the best practices that can be used to make prescription meds more affordable and accessible to the general public.

Hosted By Further Faster

Together, we’ll explore the ways in which we can ensure the founding teams are deploying capital in the most impactful ways to achieve the benchmarks of success necessary to return the investment.

Hosted By Naturally MN (Grow North)

This fall Grow North embarks on the next phase of its evolution joining forces with the Naturally Network. Listen in to this discussion about this move and what it means for the MN ecosystem, and how it will elevate Minnesota and provide additional connections across the country.

Hosted By Launch Minnesota

Launch Minnesota’s Board of Advisors includes successful entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, experienced investors, higher ed leaders and more. Bring your questions about funding, corporate connections, innovation and more.

Hosted By Danfoss Power Solutions - Autonomous Vehicle

In one of the most relevant weeks in the U.S. for startups and emerging businesses, some of our Autonomy colleagues will be sharing their thoughts and learnings as leaders in a startup environment. 

Hosted By Zero Proof Collective

Normalizing not drinking in these spaces can support anyone who chooses not to drink for whatever reason. By doing so we can create healthier workplaces that reduce the shame and stigma surrounding alcohol, and lessen barriers to seeking help and maintaining sobriety. 

Hosted By Modern Logic

We’ll help you understand the stages of startup growth, see through the hype, and provide you with guidance on how to ensure you and your dev team are aligned.

Hosted By Impact Hub MSP

To build a better future, we need better business. Businesses that challenge the status quo, accelerate innovation, create inclusive job opportunities and keep sustainability and circularity at their core. Learn how these startups are not only building successful businesses, but also part of a global commitment to priority issues contributing to a better future for all.

Hosted By Apex Games

Apex Games will be briefly discussing their first project followed by Q&A.

Hosted By Imagine Deliver

Join us as we engage a panel of Workforce Development Leaders, Futurists, Technologists, and Changemakers to discuss changes in our workforce and ways that organizations can adapt.

Hosted By BetterYou

BetterYou CEO Sean Higgins will be hosting a Jeopardy-style game show to test your knowledge of the Twin Cities startup community. 

Hosted By Whisker

Get hired before leaving Bootcamp! Bring your portfolio, learn some tips and tricks on getting hired, and have a coffee with some folks that really care about your career!

Hosted By Modern Logic

Culture is key. A company’s culture is a key factor for 65 percent of employees when deciding to stay at their job, most employees would take culture over salary.

Hosted By soona

We’ll be using those lessons learned (through GBBO) as a guide through this presentation and address how to give and receive feedback in a manner that is helpful and meaningful to all parties involved.

Hosted By Common Energy

Why do businesses need to partner with Community Solar Farms? Why reducing Carbon Emissions is important for everyone? Why is Community Solar Farms a good idea? 

Hosted By Creatively Focused

Hear from companies focused on building directly off of customer voice, evaluate their own company's practices in listening to customer voices, and finally, identify a concrete next step to increasing their company's listening skills. 


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